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Dent Clinic Will Make Your Car Look Like New!

You won't ever have to worry again about door dings, hail damage, or minor dents.  Dent Clinic removes the dents, paint-free, leaving the original finish intact, thus increasing your vehicle's value - instantly!


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Here's How We Do It

Using tools and training, exclusive only to Dent Clinic, the backside of each dent is accessed and pressure is gently applied, removing the dent without harming the original finish. No dry ice, heat or suction is used. The dents will not "pop" back in later, as it is a permanent repair.

You'll Save Money

It's very inexpensive. The average repair is less than one hundred dollars, depending on the number, size and severity of the dents. You won't find body putty, grinding, paint, a long wait, or a big bill at Dent Clinic

Keep Your Original Finish

Because the original finish is preserved, Dent Clinic repairs eliminate "diminished value" making your vehicle worth more money at the time of sale, trade-in, or lease turn-back.

Lifetime Guarantee

Dent Clinic guarantees the dent repair services for as long as you own your vehicle. See the Guarantee page for more information.

Same Day Service

You'll get your vehicle back the same day. Often repairs can be completed while you wait.

Free Estimates

Come by today and in less than five minutes, you'll be amazed at how little it costs to make you car look like new.

Insurance Approved

Insurance professionals trust and recommend Dent Clinic for their customers because the cost of our high quality repairs is usually less than most deductibles.

100% Customer Satisfaction

Our written guarantee assures your satisfaction. There is no charge to you for any repaired panel that doesn't meet your expectations.

Service You Can Trust

Be Careful. All paint-free dent repair (PDR) is not the same. Your vehicle can be ruined and warranty voided by inexperienced repairers. Dent Clinic technicians are expertly trained, certified and fully insured and will give you the absolute best repair-guaranteed.

We're Not A Body Shop

Sorry, but we don't do collision repair. We cannot repair extremely large or sharp dents where the paint is missing or cracked. We do perform miracles though, everyday. Come see for yourself.

Come by or Call Today For a Free Estimate

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